How to Remove Corrosion From a Car Battery

Car Battery with Tools


What causes car battery corrosion? A powdery white, brown, or blue/green buildup that results when battery acid reacts with metal battery terminals, corrosion can strike any battery—from AAs to car batteries! If you’re facing this problem with your vehicle, you’ll need to know how to clean car battery corrosion safely. It also helps to know what causes car battery corrosion, so that you can curb or prevent it going forward. We’ll be answering all of your battery corrosion-related questions in the guide below, so read on!

What Causes Car Battery Corrosion?

Aside from leaving your headlights on all night, time itself is your battery’s number one foe. While you drive around Joliet and Naperville, your car battery heats and cools constantly. Hydrogen gasses are then released through ventilation, and they react with the surrounding material to form corrosion at the point where the electric connection is located—the terminal.

Corrosion can cause problems like weak battery power, trouble starting your car, and low-voltage dash warnings. If you’re fairly comfortable with tinkering under your car’s hood, we suggest learning how to clean car battery corrosion yourself. You’ll save time and money compared to visiting an auto repair shop, and even extend the time your battery lasts before it needs to be replaced.

How to Clean Car Battery Corrosion

To safely remove corrosion from car battery terminals, wait at least thirty minutes after turning off your vehicle so that the engine is completely cool. Next, you’ll need to decide what cleaning method and materials to use. There are two main ways to ​​remove corrosion from a car battery: using a specially-formulated battery cleaning solution or using a DIY solution using household products.

Before you get started, be sure that you have the proper protective gear on hand: gloves, goggles, and a respirator are necessary when handling battery cleaning solution, whether you make it yourself or purchase it pre-made.

Professional battery cleaner

  • You can find a battery cleaning solution at any auto store in the Yorkville area. To use, spray generously on any surfaces affected by corrosion, and then brush with a wire brush until it is removed.

DIY battery cleaning solution

  • Remove the battery connectors from the terminal. Then, liberally sprinkle baking soda on the corrosion to neutralize the acids and add some water to catalyze a reaction. Dry the area with a paper towel and brush with a scrub sponge to remove the corrosion.

You’ve successfully cleaned car battery corrosion from the battery terminals, but we suggest one final step to slow and prevent the buildup of corrosion in the future. Anti-corrosion products are designed to do exactly that, and they come in various forms—including rust inhibitor sprays, spray battery protectors, or anti-corrosion gels. It’s also a good idea to hit any other rusting parts while you’ve got the hood open.

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