Getting Long-Life Tires

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From long-life tires to performance-oriented tires, it doesn’t matter what kind of tires your vehicle has, they’ll eventually be worn down and will need to be replaced. With that being said, there are things you can do to extend the life of your tires.

By scheduling regular service appointments, the service technicians working on your vehicle will regularly inspect your tires to ensure that they’re wearing evenly. Evenly worn tires will last longer as you’re driving around Joliet. Learn how to make your tires last longer today with the service professionals from Tyson Motor Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram!

Different Types of Tire Wear

Before we can go over how to make your tires last longer, you’ll want to first understand why your tires are needing to be replaced so often. There are several types of wear that your tire may be experiencing and depending on the specific wear, it could be a number of reasons causing the issue. Here are the different types of tire wear and what they mean:

  • Inner/Outer Tread Wear: This is also known as toe or camber wear. This is when the outside or inside part of your tires are wearing much quicker than anywhere else. Often, this is caused by tires that are out of alignment.
  • Center Wear: If you’re noticing just the middle of your tires are wearing, it’s likely you have too much air in your tires. You’ll want to reference your owner’s manual for specifics on the correct tire pressure for your vehicle.
  • Edge Wear: If edges just outside of your center contact patch are wearing, it’s possible your tires are underinflated.
  • Cupping Wear: If you’re noticing scalloped or cupping tire wear on your tires, this is an indication of suspension issues. If you’re noticing that your tires are cupping, we recommend you visit a service center to have your suspension inspected.
  • Patchy Wear: Random patches of tire wear most likely indicate an issue with your wheels being out of balance. Out of balance wheels and tires can also cause your steering wheel to shake during Naperville drives.

How To Make Your Tires Last Longer

  • Ensure Proper Air Pressure: Even if you’re not driving often on the Yorkville streets, your tires may still lose air. It’s best to inspect your tire’s air pressure regularly, especially when temperatures drop.
  • 5,000-Mile Tire Rotations: Power from your engine is sent to each wheel differently. This can cause certain tires to wear much quicker. By rotating your tires regularly, you’re ensuring that each tire receives the same amount of wear.
  • Wheel Balancing: When you get new tires or wheels, it’s a good idea to have them balanced so that you don’t experience tire cupping issues.
  • Regular Wheel Alignments: Your suspension can go out of alignment during your drives. Out-of-alignment tires wear unevenly, decreasing their lifespan. Most manufacturers recommend getting tire rotations twice a year.

Get Long-Life Tires Today at Tyson Motor Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram!

Our service center in Shorewood can not only help you maintain your tires but we can also help you find the right set of tires for your driving style. If you have any questions about tire maintenance, be sure to contact our team at Tyson Motor Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram for additional information!

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